Tales from the Kajbasovo Station in Siberia, Russia (Part 2)

Kajbasovo Station is operated by the Tomsk State University, and it is located in the floodplain of the middle course of the River Ob with coordinates: N57°24’45,38″ E84°18’06,17″

The Station has 28,000 hectares as the main research area and about 0,18 hectares for Station infrastructure. Station serves as an infrastructure centre for a lot of radial expeditions across the territory of about 5 000 km2 as well as for rides along the Ob river and her numerous tributaries. Additional information about natural environment nearby the station is available on the INTERACT Station Catalogue.

Photo: Sergey Kirpotin, TSU

Photo: Sergey Vorobiev, TSU

Kajbasovo is an actively developing station, where not only regular scientific research is carried out, but also a new infrastructure is being formed. Currently, new guest houses and staff houses are under construction. There are sleeping and laboratory wagons, a dining room, and a conference room (multi-media center).

Kajbasovo Station is multifunctional and multidisciplinary. The current research priorities are , however, in the fields of biogeochemistry, biodiversity, including ichthyology and ornitology, landscape ecologo, hydrology, hydrobiology, and social anthropology. The station environment is especially suitable to study biodiversity and its dynamics, and for the biogeochemistry studies.

Photo: Sergey Kirpotin, TSU

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