Arctic Research Blogs is a blog site of INTERACT, an EU H2020 project that offers researchers access to the Arctic and northern alpine and forest areas through a Transnational Access Programme.

Starting in summer 2017, access will be offered to 43 terrestrial field stations located in Europe, Russia and North-America, and the projects blogging about their field work will take place between March 2017 and April 2018. When waiting for the new projects to start, you can get aquanted with The Arctic Research Blogs by viewing  nine blogs of research projects that were conducted in summer 2014 -during our previous funding period- in places like Zackenberg is Greenland, Oulanka in Finland, Finse in Norway, Tarfala in Sweden and Khibiny in Russia!

Blogs are posted by researchers* that are using the opportunity to do field work on a wide variety of topics, but all related to the Arctic and northern environment. All the different blogs can be found in the top menu , while all the recent postings are gathered in the top right menu.

Join the adventure by reading the Arctic Research Blogs!

Blog header photo: Kathryn Adamson

*the opinions and views expressed in the blogs are the researchers’ own, and do not necessarily represent the views of the INTERACT project.