Tales from the Kajbasovo Station in Siberia, Russia (Part 3)

A wide range of research projects of leading Russian and foreign Foundations and Programs are being implemented at the Kajbasovo Station. The current interdisciplinary project which combines environmental and social scientists from Tomsk and from Moscow research institutes as well as covers a huge territory along the  Ob river is devoted to  comprehensive study of changes in vulnerable terrestrial ecosystems of the West Siberian Arctic and how the local population percepts and react on its. Among the international projects we can mention the following: several research projects supported with Trans-National Access by INTERACT,  and “Siberian Inland Waters” projects SIWA of Joint Programming Initiatives (JPI Climate).

The Station has own “Events Programme” and regularly hosts Anthropological Summer Schools, workshops with involvement of foreign partners, students and local people on a wide range of environmental science.

Photo: Sergey Kirpotin, TSU

Photo: Dmitriy Gureev, TSU

The main feature of the station is that it is included in the infrastructure of a unique West Siberian megatransect that is altogether 2,500 km long, from the Altai Mountains in a south to the Kara Sea in the north.

The station is located in the floodplain of one of the great Siberian river – the river Ob, which is rightfully considered as the “second Amazon”. The vast Siberian taiga surrounding the station offers many adventures. Visitors can enjoy it and succeed with their work only if they are in a team of people with local knowledge who can help them to access the Station and other places during the strong spring flood, can protect them against wild animals like bear, and who can cook delicious meals from what can be found in the forest and the river.


Photos: Vladimir Lebedev

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