Girl, interrupted…

…in a very positive way, I must say though! The past weeks have been extremely hectic, thanks to our ongoing TA call and user groups arriving from the field work and returning their project reports and travel claims. Phones are ringing, e-mails are arriving in breathtaking numbers, and my door is knocked dozen times a day by people who want to know different matters about Transnational Access. One of the most pleasant interruptions this week have been the e-mails from our previous TA user groups, notifying me about their recently published articles where INTERACT is acknowledged. I am really impressed about the great work that these researchers are doing in publishing their results! The number of publications resulting from the access visits is increasing fast now, and I’ll place these latest updates on our Publication’s page next week.

Articles are being published with increasing speed -great work from our user groups!

Articles are being published with increasing speed -great work from our user groups!

In-between these positive interruptions, I am trying my best to concentrate on preparing my presentations to the forthcoming meetings; work that takes quite a lot of my time these days, as we have been invited to promote TA in so many national and international events.

For example this afternoon, I gave a presentation about INTERACT to the researchers and staff working at the Environmental Sciences Building of University of Oulu. My own institution, Thule Institute, is located in the same building, and it was such a pleasure to give a talk to the people that I meet on a daily basis, but who do not necessarily know so much about what I am doing for work. The presentation was received by great enthusiasm and accompanied by several questions related to Transnational Access, so I am hopeful that we’ll receive several good TA applications resulting from today’s presentation.

Much of tomorrow will go in preparation of my presentation at the Station Manager Forum meeting in Abisko, and updating all the new project reports that have arrived this week to our website’s Project Descriptions. So better continue working again in order to finish everything for the weekend!

Until the next time!


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