Mad Monks and Merriment

It has been a busy few days here in the Faroe Islands! On Saturday we presented our work to an audience of enthusiastic local earth and environmental scientists. The turn-out was impressive with around 0.1% of the entire Faroese population attending (oh yes!). In the UK this would be equivalent to approximately 600,000 people, however you will be pleased to know we do not have a stadium tour planned anytime soon! Our keynote speakers were delighted to receive gift packs of assorted Faroese beer in recognition of their outstanding (and punctual!) presentations. This was kindly shared with the remainder of the group on Saturday evening, however sadly none remains for colleagues back home. On Sunday, Brice and Matteo took the ferry to Kalsoy to explore a series of impressive corries whilst Kevin and Ed attempted to find Late Glacial sediments in Torshavn. The weather was far from ideal and the work was rather muddy! Today, we all visited Suðuroy, the southernmost Faroe Island to search for possible sampling opportunities. An interesting highlight was the supposed ancient field systems which may have been farmed by some mad Irish monks – ever tried farming on a 60 degree slope? We made it back to Torshavn just in time for dinner where our Italian colleague set the pace towards the nearest eatery. Tomorrow, the quest continues!

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