Geomorphologists “shocked” into action

You would never believe what we have been doing for the past few days……. hunting down more moraines and coring to greater depths! On Tuesday, Brice and Matteo focused on corrie systems to the West and South of Torshavn, mapping and sampling both moraines and erratics. Meanwhile, palaeoecological work revisited a Torshavn bog where borehole investigations revealed a deeper sequence than previously found. The entertainment for the day peaked when we were attacked by a herd of cows while one of us was answering a call of nature. This struck fear into the heart of another team member, prompting an attempted triple salco over an electric fence which proved to be a little too high, thankfully the voltage was low. The day ended with a hearty meal of Faroese lamb and potatoes.

Yesterday, the theme of animal attacks continued when Brice and Matteo were attacked by multiple Skuas. However they did manage to find several moraine systems and suitable sampling opportunities for cosmo dating. The palaeoecology group avoided any real danger, but succeeded in getting pretty muddy whilst extracting their deepest sequence yet.

Today we have been continuing our investigations around the islands of Streymoy and Esturoy. The dreich weather returneth (if you don’t understand read blog two), and to continue the Scottish theme, hummocky moraine was the focus of the day (more information available upon request). Unfortunately the bogs drew a blank but thankfully the boulders were bountiful! All personnel returned safely and ate a filling meal prepared by our very own Italian chef. The evening diverged with the less cultured among us enjoying after dinner beverages, and the culture vultures enjoying a cinematic masterpiece of Faroese history (“Barbara”). Our plans for the next few days will include investigating some of the more difficult to access corries. Hopefully the bovines and birds will behave themselves.

IMG_7874 P1070269

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