The Media Storm

Day one on the Faroe Islands has been a busy one. Our first task was to ensure that our field equipment, which was shipped from Aberdeen two weeks ago, had arrived safely into Tórshavn harbor. After a visit to the customs office and a nervous wait at the shipping agent, we received our box, loaded it into the Suzuki (not so) Swift and returned to our accommodation. The next stop was to Jarðfeingi (The Faroese Earth and Energy directorate) where we met with the INTERACT station manager, Lis Mortensen, to discuss our fieldwork plans for the next two weeks. The meeting was productive and allowed us to consider the work we had planned in the context of local studies that have been conducted previously. By the time we were finished at Jarðfeingi, word of our arrival on the Islands had clearly spread and we were invited to the local radio station to be interviewed about our work. Both Kevin and Brice gave a thorough account of the Faroe Islands’ strategic location for climate dynamics and the potential of the site for further detailed palaeoclimate/palaeoglaciological reconstruction. The media attention was clearly exhausting and we retired back home to reflect on the day’s events and prepare dinner. Tomorrow, the fun really begins and we get to see what this beautiful landscape has to offer.

Studio Time

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