Scientists stalked by submarine periscope

Today, our group split into two teams. Kevin and Ed began their search for a sequence containing Late Glacial organic material whilst Brice and Matteo ventured into the hills to begin collecting rock samples for cosmogenic nuclide dating. The morning sunshine provided an ideal backdrop for our first experience of this beautiful landscape, and although the sky turned grey later on, we have thus far been spared rain. Despite such advantageous visibility, some features have caused confusion – particularly when one of our group became convinced that they had witnessed the periscope of a submarine in the waters off Streymoy. Although unlikely, this cannot be ruled out, especially knowing the extreme lengths that the international media may take in order to cover our progress here! The day ended with a filling meal in the local Italian restaurant where the group was split once again. However, this time the division hinged upon our feelings towards the music of Leonard Cohen and the comedy of Rowan Atkinson as Mr Bean. Tomorrow we continue our fieldwork and hope to discover more about the environmental history of these islands


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