Welcome to the Autumn

TA office is back from the summer holidays, and at the same time we also opened the TA call, which is most likely going to be our last one within this funding period. Applications to all 20 research stations offering Transnational Access are again welcome, so keep active and apply for access to the coolest places of the North!

In addition to the ongoing TA call, the schedule for this autumn seems as busy as ever: we have received a record amount of invitations to attend and present INTERACT at international scientific workshops and symposiums, and we have spent the past days sorting out our time schedules and deciding who’ll be going to which meeting. It seems that I’ll be attending the INTERACT Station Manager Forum in Abisko Scientific Research Station in September and the INCREASE/INTERACT Symposium in Copenhagen in October to start with, followed by at least couple other events later on this autumn. Looking forward to both events!

Autumn is approaching not only at work, but even more so outside of it –driving to work this morning I already noticed so many yellow leaves in the trees that autumn is definitely on its way. I must admit, that after an unexceptionally warm and sunny summer the fresh air and dark evenings of August already feel very welcome –I guess that us northerners are better suited for winter than summer conditions!

The pictures below present some of the highlights from past summer, including plenty of beachlife and the trips to Nice and to the Weekend Festival in Helsinki. With these captured moments it’s time to move forward and welcome the autumn!

WP_20130726_002 WP_20130816_020 WP_20130801_029 WP_20130801_007

Until the next time!


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