February under the blue sky of Iceland – Field report from the Sudurnes Science and Learning Center

Snow covers the Solheimajökull glacier and -surprise- its frozen melt lake, February 2019. Last time I saw the lake in winter time, it was not frozen. Surface snow and ice samples, as well as natural water samples, collected in the field in Iceland, will be filtered at the laboratory of the Sudurnes Science and Learning Center.

Today I arrived to the Sudurnes Science and Learning Center at the Reykjanes Peninsula, for the EU-Interact-BLACK -project. The director of the Center, Hanna María Kristjánsdóttir, was right welcoming me and showing around the great lab facilities. This was super, especially as I already had snow and ice samples with me when arriving and needed a place for them, to melt and filter them in the Center’s lab (photos below).

Surface snow and ice sampled have found their way to the Sudurnes Science and Learning Center laboratory! Next they are to be fully melted and thereafter filtered for the chemical analysis.

The chemical analysis I will make with the OC/EC thermo-optical analyzer of the Finnish Meteorological Institute back in Finland. Hence, my samples from Iceland to Finland will be easy-to-carry along filter-samples.

The sampling itself would require more space to tell, so I will continue more about it in my next post. Here below still some photos for you to get a better idea of the Sudurnes Center. I absolutely love the inside and outside of the house and its surroundibgs, even though it is now winter time and cold and quite windy. In summer it will be open for visitors, too.

The Sudurnes Science and Learning Center is a scientific research facility in the Sudurnes region.

This lighthouse is close to the Sudurnes Learning and Science Center.

Photos: Outi Meinander, Finnish Meteorological Institute

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