The onset of winter and ending of fieldwork

Since my last posting I along with the rest of INTERACT station managers went to a SMF meeting at Krkonose Mountains National Park in the Czech Republic. Fortunately we had some excellent weather the first morning. We were told by local rangers that they have foggy weather 307 days a year! Talk about bad weather…

Sunny weather at the Krkonose Mountains National Park


The weather turned normal later the same day…

Field work in Kobbefjord was by all means not over yet when I returned from the Czech Republic. Within the following weeks the weather shifted from autumn to winter temperatures, so new pitfalls for collecting arthropods were established (before the soil froze entirely), lake monitoring is almost done for this season with surveys of both our study lakes, and our CO2-flux measurements are done as well. This is due to the low surrounding temperature making it impossible for our equipment to gain the high internal temperature needed for measuring. Our two devices are coated with isolating material, but when the thermometer reaches 0°C or below they are not able to reach +50°C needed for analysis of the amount of C.

The only thing left to do this year in Kobbefjord is a final visist to one of our lakes for a final monitoring. Hopefully it will be done by the end of next week.


Sunny and calm weather in Kobbefjord


With this year’s field season almost ending there is nothing much to do but to enjoy the lovely crisp weather and send sunny thoughts to the Krkonose Mountains National Park and their many days with fog 🙂 And of course look forward to the coming year which with any luck will bring lots of eager INTERACT’ers and other scientist to the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources.

Best wishes,



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