Station-day in Tarfala

Weather is nasty this morning, raining and strong winds, as usual from the north! Its “station day”, meaning no weather for glacier work, as it can be dangerous up there with poor visibility. The seasonal staff of Tarfala Research Station consists of natural science students from different Universities; this month from Ukraine, France and Sweden. One is helping out in the kitchen (to everybody’s enjoyment baking muffins), one is filtering water samples and one is fixing the wires that secure the 11 buildings of the station to the ground. Tarfala has the Swedish wind record- 83m/s!! Then several of the buildings moved several meters and one was destroyed completely -hence the wires.

This morning I took the opportunity to continue writing a proposal for funding for the Tarfala glacier monitoring program to the Swedish Research Council. Suddenly the young chef (also a student) comes rushing into my room saying: “ there is a minister here to see you!” The timing could be worse! Our Minister of Enterprise, Energy and Communications -Annie Lööf- was hiking with a friend in the Kebnekaise mountains and stopped by to get introduced to the activities in Tarfala, and I got some inspiration for my proposal writing!

Best wishes,

Gunhild Ninis Rosqvist, station manager

Tarfala Research Station

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