Never a dull moment!

Hi everyone!

This will be the blog of the Transnational Access workpackage coordination for sharing our experiences about coordinating the biggest work package of INTERACT.

My title in INTERACT is the WP4 Coordinator. In practice that means that I take care of all kinds of practical matters related to Transnational Access activity from updating our website to helping research stations with interpretation of EU regulations, to launching TA calls and coordinating the evaluation and selection process of the user groups. After a bit more than one year’s experience in the position I can say that there’s never a dull moment –such word as “an average day” does not exist in my vocabulary!

Thule Institute at University of Oulu, where our office is located.

Since March, much of my time has been devoted to informing and guiding user groups and stations with practical matters related to access visits. Now, when the first user groups are already in the field and the peak summer season is almost at hand, this activity is giving room for preparing to our first periodic report to EU. The report deadline is in August, so the excitement starts to accumulate as we are currently organizing the time schedule and instructions for the reporting! It will be quite a task to manage the operation in such a manner that the information from all 33 partners (20 of whom provide TA) will be delivered in required form and time, but given the great collaborators we have in INTERACT I am confident that we’ll do just fine! But more about this exciting issue -at least to us administrators 🙂  in the later postings…

Next week, Kirsi and I are heading to Tromsø in Norway to participate UArctic Council meeting. Even though the program there will be extremely tight from morning till evening, I hope we’ll find some time to enjoy the breathtaking sceneries surrounding the city.

Until the next time!


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