Getting started…

Adapting to the polar day conditions we tried to settle down and getting organised: between leisure there are lots of things to do, such as
– accessing parts of the Russian avalanche literature with a particular focus on the Khibiny region,
– collecting data from the local Centre for Avalanche Safety (CAS),
– visiting the field sites and doing some works out there (mapping, etc.).

So at the beginning Tatiana was really trying me to get the difference between Б and Ь versus И and N, well, and I am really good meanwhile in pronouncing КОЛЬСКОЕ the right way.
The colleagues from the CAS were really helpful and provided us with data on the avalanche tracks we are interested in. At the end we even got a special tour through the museum of the “Apatit” mining company – did you know that in the Khibiny massif we have 100s of different (and sometimes rare) minerals, and that muscovite is supposed to have this name because it was used as window glass for the Bohemians in Moscow in former times?

Sami blood

Eudialite mineral (to be scientifically correct: Na15Ca6(Fe2+,Mn2+)3Zr3[(Cl,OH)|Si(O,OH,H2O)2|Si3O9|Si9O27]2); the myth tells that the red mineral is Saameese blood after a big fight…

Visiting the field sites ended – after two other nice days with clear sky – in cold and rough conditions where the only highlight was cooking some tea in the taiga… apart from hot Russian борщ and some smoked Caucasian cheese.


So it is quite easy when your day has only 24 hours, just take the night and everything is fine.

Tatiana and Sven 🙂

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