Flapjack, the oaty fieldwork snack of champions

After a rest day we were back in our boots and heading into the field to continue our sampling campaign along the Blaesedalen River. We had to start from our camping site and head downstream. It was going to be a long day of sampling but it was a beautiful day in Blaesedalen with a warm sun shining on the yellow and red vegetation – there was a great sense of Autumn in the air!

Taking a flapjack break in the sunshine

We were also armed with some flapjack that we had baked (and taught some of our Danish and Austrian colleagues about this oaty, sugary treat. They all seemed to enjoy it!).


We managed to complete the sampling quite quickly – the river levels were quite low today, after a period of dry weather, and so it was easy to reach our sampling locations. As we headed back towards Arctic Station we saw a helicopter arrive at the helipad, which isn’t too far from the station. There’s always something especially exciting about seeing a helicopter!

Sediment sampling. Wrapping the sediment in foil prevents contamination. It’s like rolling many tiny burritos.

We even managed to arrive back at the Station in time for dinner with the other scientists. Today is Lena’s Birthday – she is a Masters student from Copenhagen. Our sweet colleague Michele had made a giant lasagne. A real treat eating lasagne expertly crafted by an Italian person!

Air Greenland helicopter flying high over the bay

After dinner we watched a video about Sirius Patrol, which brought back excellent memories of our BBQ with Sirius in Zackenberg, East Greenland last year. It also made us all want to come back to the Arctic in the winter when the snow is thick!


We are looking forward to taking the final few samples tomorrow!


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