24 hours in Aasiaat

We’re just beginning our new INTERACT field season at Arctic Station on Disko Island. It’s been a while since we worked on Disko – back in 2013 (time flies!).

Flying high over the Greenland Ice Sheet

This season we will be heading back to our previous field sites, collecting samples for a new project ‘GLAMSTAR’ – where we will be examining mineral and carbon content of meltwater river deposits (sand and gravel). This will help us to figure out what kind of stuff is coming out of the glacier in meltwater, and where it is being stored in the foreland.

Our makeshift office on our flight to Kangerlussuaq

We also have a new piece of equipment, a UAV (drone), so that we can get some aerial footage and photos of the field area. We are looking forward to revisiting Disko!


Our journey from the UK was going smoothly until we got to Kangerlussuaq, and we received a text message to say that our ferry from Aasiaat was cancelled due to bad weather. When we arrived in Aasiaat we could see why – lots of rain and strong winds. Fortunately, we had our waterproofs and down jackets to hand!

Grimacing, oops we mean smiling, in the bad weather in Aasiaat

Luckily for us, the only place with a free room was Sømandshjemmet – a seaman’s hostel that we have visited twice before. They always have a very friendly welcome and excellent cake in their cafeteria. It was the perfect refuge from the bad weather and we could wait it out until the next ferry the following day. We had a very nice apartment with a view over the harbour and, more importantly, a big outcrop of ice moulded bedrock next door.

Nice bedrock outside the window

The hostel was bustling with a conference by Tele-Post – a communications company – who are extending the internet up the west coast of Greenland from Nuuk. So it was cause for celebration. (including free cake in the local supermarket!). We braved the bad weather to head for dinner in our favourite café in Aasiaat – Café 3 – where there are excellent burgers and nachos. We can fully recommend it if you are ever in town.

In the safety of the hostel watching the waves

Overnight, the bad weather cleared and the harbour was back to its bustling self. We spent the morning looking around town before our ferry. We met some very welcoming local people, saw some nice photography and paintings in the local visitor’s centre, some huskies having a rest until the snow arrives, and stocked up on supplies ready for our journey over to Disko. It’s been nice to spend some time in a town that has in the past been just a fleeting visit.

Thanks for a great stay Aasiaat! Hopefully our next blog will be from Arctic Station….



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