Greenland Campaign Preparations

Happily I share with you the fact that 99% of the logistical planning and preparations for our Greenland Campaign have been completed. Flights and ferries have been booked, accommodation reservations have been made. A day-to-day planning has been made and the equipment has been inspected.

On Friday the 25th of August,  myself and two other members of our team will fly from Amsterdam to Copenhagen.  The next morning, we will meet up with the fourth member of our team. The team consists of myselfRike, Wim and Daan. After the reunion of our team in Copenhagen, we will leave for Greenland.

The Greenland Campaign will mainly consist of drilling and gathering sediment samples from small lakes and outcrops. In these sediments we expect to find sequential fossil leave remains, we are particulary interested remains of Betula nana or Dwarf Birch leaves. We hope that the oldest samples will be from at least a thousand years old. These leaves can tell us a lot about variations in the length of the growing season, temperature, and atmospheric CO2 through time. During our stay at Disko Island, we will also sample from experimental vegetation plots at the Arktisk Station (managed by University of Copenhagen). These experiments test the influence of factors like snow cover and permafrost on vegetation performance and interaction.

Tuesday the 5th of September will be the day of our return to Europe, after 11 intense days in the field.

Once back in the lab in Utrecht, we will analyze the (fossil) leave cuticles. The data from these analysis will help us understand arctic climate change and the consequences for the future of the Arctic.

All the planning and taking care of things have made me extremely hyped to go on this campaign and I look forward to share my adventures with you in following blog posts!



-Fabian Ercan

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