Time is flying

It feels like time is literally flying. April is already approaching to an end, and we are preparing for the next TA call that will be open 1 August – 30 September to all 20 stations offering Transnational Access in INTERACT. I just finished mailing some promotional material  –Transnational Access bookmarks that is – to all Station Managers, and next week we’ll launch a Save the Date announcement about the call to be distributed to potential applicants via e-mailing lists, webpages, Facebook, LinkedIn groups…well, pretty much everywhere 🙂


Bookmarks to promote our next TA call, now on the way to Station Managers.

Tomorrow is a public holiday to celebrate the 1st of May, “Vappu” in Finnish, that marks the arrival of the spring and approaching summer. I’ve lived in Oulu for more than twenty years now, and it seems this year won’t make an exception to the rule that the weather of this spring celebration will be cold and miserable (proof of this shown in the photo below, compared to the scenery at the GEO European Projects workshop in Barcelona two weeks ago).

IMG_1743 16042013287

However, we don’t let this temporary setback depress us! We just take back out the warm coats that were packed to winter storage last week, and head for a picnic with our family and friends. It’s spring, after all!

Until the next time!


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