Day 3 (in the middle of sampling)

29.07.17 Still sun shining in Kobbefjord Field Station. The weather should be nice (about 15 °C) for the whole weekend and no wind. Today Claudia&Claudia finished to sampling the vegetational transect and in the afternoon, they did scientific reports for all sampling. Just to know something about the NERO line…this permanent vegetation transect was established … Continue reading Day 3 (in the middle of sampling)

Day 2 (28.07.17)

Wake up girls!! It’s time to work. After breakfast they continued to sampling along transect NERO LINE. They would like do a sampling along an altitude gradient coupled with vegetational transect to investigate how and if microbial diversity could change according the environmental pressure and different dominant vegetation. Also, they are sampling soil at same … Continue reading Day 2 (28.07.17)

Day 1 (Let’s start to sample!!)

  27.07.17 Claudia&Claudia finally reached Kobbefjord at 9.00 am by a small boat. Once there they saw the famous millions of mosquitoes (people in Nuuk talked them about it but they could not imagine so many!!). Mosquitoes' nets are necessary. Some researchers there were in the cabin station and right there Maya (a researcher of … Continue reading Day 1 (Let’s start to sample!!)

Is everything ready?

Claudia&Claudia are ready for leaving GINR at 8.15 am on tomorrow. They will reach Kobbefjord field station by boat and start to sampling. Kobbefjord is a field station between Low and High Arctic and is characterized with different biotopes, providing access to low arctic ecosystems in West Greenland and soil samples will be collected  in … Continue reading Is everything ready?

Landing in Nuuk, Greenland

Finally Claudia&Claudia landed with this amazing view in Nuuk from Rome with 2-stops (Munich and Reykjavik) and reached the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources. Wheater is quite okay (10°C) a little warmer than their own Italy (40°C).   After check-in in GINR, they rested a little and started to arrange the expedition in Kobbefjiord field … Continue reading Landing in Nuuk, Greenland