After a nearly two-year break in the Blogs from the Field, we are finally able to start a new season of Arctic Research Blogs! This summer, we are delighted to present you with several new blogs from various places in Greenland, Svalbard, Sweden and Canada.

Before the research travel to the field and the make their first posts, it’s time to first introduce you with our bloggers of the season! We’ll start with the Perrin Hagge and his team, blogging from two sites: NERC Arctic Research Station in in Svalbard and GINR in Greenland.

Perrin (left) is a second-year graduate student at Duke University (US) studying Earth and Climates Sciences. Together with his advisor Nicolas Cassar (right), Perrin will travel to the NERC Arctic Research Station in Svalbard and to Greenland Institute of Natural Resources in Greenland to study how climate change is affecting nitrogen cycling and carbon sequestration.

During their access visits to Svalbard and Greenland, the team aims to collect Arctic and sub-Arctic cryptogam and soil samples and measure the biological nitrogen fixation (BNF) activity of the diazotrophs in the samples when back in their lab at Duke.

The team starts in July with the research in Svalbard and continues in August with the visit to Greenland. You can follow the teams’ adventures throughout their journey from their blog “Arctic Greening: Does Nitrogen Hold the Key?” .

You will meet more of our new bloggers in a series of posts over the next couple of weeks, or by visiting our About INTERACT Bloggers descriptions.

Stay tuned to the new season of INTERACT Arctic Research Blogs!

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