Unleash the potential of Virtual Access for your research!

Virtual Access (VA) means free access to research infrastructure’s data and databases. Altogether twenty-nine INTERACT partner organizations offer Virtual Access.

There are no specific requirements or selection procedure for Virtual Access; anyone can access the data on-line and utilize it free of charge. In some cases user registration is needed to download the data, and the users of the data are also encouraged to acknowledge the provider of the data in any publications or products deriving from the use of the virtual access data.

Virtual Access is ideal e.g. for obtaining historical or retrospective data, time series or monitoring data, and comparative data. Virtual Access helps to reduce CO2 emissions and the environmental footprint of research, as it does not require travelling from the VA user to collect or obtain the data.

INTERACT Virtual Access Single Entrypoint is the name of our brand new data portal, launched in March, that allows you to search and access data and information from the Arctic and beyond. The portal is based on metadata harvesting from several organizations and sites with end points to real data on various topics on e.g. earth sciences and ecosystems. The number of datasets presented in the portal is growing day by day, including both near real-time observation datasets and unique historical, retrospective data digitized and provided for open access.

Visit the data portal and unleash the potential of Virtual Access for your research!

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