Images of Arctic Science

It’s often thought that science is mostly communicated through theoretical (and boring) presentations in scientific meetings and complicated articles in scientific papers. Gladly, more and more science outreach has taken place during the past years, as the public interest towards translating scientific knowledge into practice has gained popularity due to pressing issues related to e.g. climate change and most recently -and urgently- due to COVID-19.

Many -if not all- researchers in the Arctic have also documented their environment through their cameras, in addition to more traditional scientific methods. Not only to produce technical research-related pictures, but also to capture the extreme beauty of the Arctic that surrounds them.

Last year, INTERACT launched a photo competition to highlight and share these captured moments of research in the Arctic with you. Images of Arctic Science, a coffee table book containing 107 out of the 800 photos submitted to the photo competition has now been published, and is freely available at We are also presenting the awarded photos of the photo competition on the INTERACT Instagram account @eu_interact. Take a look at these amazing photographs taken by the amazingly talented arctic researchers by visiting our website or in Instagram, and join the adventure!

Photograph on the book cover: Blair Fyffe. 1st place in the Glaciers category, INTERACT Photo Competition 2020.

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