Tales from the Aktru Station in Altai Mountains (Part 4)

Another reason for TSU team to be proud of the Station and its life is provided by the regular and diverse Aktru Station’s “Event Programme”. Although the Station opens for the general public only during 3 summer months, it usually (annually) hosts 4 special, traditional events alongside other activities:

International Summer School to study the unique, natural region of Gorny Altay, the lifestyles of native ethnics groups and their adaptation to the rapidly changing climate. This summer School  takes place each July and attract students from all over the World totaling about 20 foreign and 10 Russian participants.  The School has a long and successful history. Every year, well known Russian and international scientists give lectures and master-classes within the School sharing their experience and love of nature. We think it can be very impressive if you visit the School website watch the film and listen to our international participants http://tssw.ru/english/summer-school/

Photos: Olga Shaduyko, TSU (top), Sergey Kirpotin, TSU (center, bottom)

International Youth Mountain School “Above the Clouds”, in which children and teenagers participate in intellectual and sport activities. Every year since 2015, young people from all over Russia start on the unique and unforgettable journey to the Aktru Valley in the Altai Mountains. Participants receive basic mountaineering training, climb peaks over 3400 meters high, participate in real scientific research, study English, admire the beauty of unspoiled nature, get new “survival skills”  and take a break from computers and mobile phones! http://www.aktruchildren.ru/school_in_aktru

Photos: Elena Vasilenko

Inter-regional Art-Alp Festival which usually gathers together professional and non-professional musicians, athletes and “intellectual” tourists, adults and young, to spend one week with music and sport in a wonderful place – the Aktru Station . The Festival is usually devoted to the Day of Russia – the national public holiday. The Russian Championship “Skyrunning Race” is a spin-off event of the Festival. In 2019 the Festival celebrated its 20th anniversary!

Photo: Elena Vasilenko

Festival of TSU graduates “Time for yourself”, which has already outgrown the original status of “TSU graduates” by involving people from other Russian cities who share the concept of lifelong education and professional mobility among mature adults with higher education.

Photos: Ekaterina Kulizhskaya, TSU/Yulia Kopach


The journey to Aktru and time spent at the Station will change your life! Friends you meet here stay with you for life. This is an Adventure and the way to achieve harmony between the worlds around and inside you.

Photos: Sergey Astakhov, TSU/ Yulia Kopach


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