Do you hear the call?

Autumn has arrived to the north, and with that it’s again time to open the call for Trans-national Access for the next spring and summer. Year 2020 has so far been truly exceptional with TA, as it has been with everything else as well! Due to COVID-19 pandemics, many projects granted access for the past summer had to be either shifted to Remote Access projects or postponed to a later time in 2020 or in 2021. Despite the unusual circumstances, both the stations and the scientists have shown wonderful team spirit and have collaboratively made plans to ensure the research will take place in a way or another, sooner or later. And there even were some projects that took place this summer, with some extremely good and careful planning and timing!

In addition, we decided to open the call for Trans-national Access for new projects in s/s 2021 and a/w 2021-2022. The plan is to proceed with the call in a regular manner but under these special circumstances reserve a possibility to modify the call, postpone the granted accesses or negotiate shift from physical access to remote access if the situation and safety regulations so require.

All stations offering TA in INTERACT decided to join the call, and it includes Trans-National Access to 52 stations, and Remote Access to 33 research stations. The sites are located around the Arctic and northern alpine and forest areas in Europe, Russia and North-America. With this large number of stations, environments and regions involved, there is also a range of glacier, mountain, tundra, boreal forest, peatland and freshwater ecosystems to choose from, with possibilities for research from natural sciences to human dimension.

The call is open until 15th October 2020, and the TA/RA Call information, descriptions of stations and their facilities, and registration to the INTERACCESS on-line application system are available the INTERACT website.

Do you hear the call? If you can, take a look on the call information and seize the opportunity to conduct research at the coolest places of the North!

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