Final report – Sweden 2019

CRYPTOSOIL project came to the end. At least the most exciting and awaited part – fieldwork. We reached our home destinations. It was a hard drive across Sweden. Ca. 2 000 km from the Nikkaluokta to the ferry (Ystad-Świnoujscie) and 600 km back to Kraków. Let’s take a look on some numbers:

Amount of days: 12 (plus 7 days of our journey to the Tarfala Research Station and back)
Amount of kilometers driven: 5 500 km
Amount of investigated glaciers foreland: 3
Amount of kilometers on feet: who knows… but quite a lot
Amount of photos taken: ca. 6 600 (spherical ~1 000; drone ~ 4 600; camera and mobile telephone ~1 000)
Amount of investigated plots: 144 main plots
Amount of samples collected: 432 samples of soil and herbal material.
Amount of happiness as we managed to do our plan: 100%


Below you can look at 360 Virtual Tour summarizing our journey and fieldwork. On 14 slides you will see (around) how it looked like, and why INTERACT TA is a great possibility and fantastic adventure.

——————————————————–> 360 Virtual Tour <——————————————————–

What next? Spatial analyses, statistical analyses, modelling, species identification, manuscripts writing… Fieldwork is just the beginning. We are now ready for a year or two of processing data we managed to collect. We hope that results will be at least as interesting as the trip we had.

Short film presenting “the best of” our fieldwork below! 🙂

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