Rabotsglaciären foreland challenge – Sweden 2019

Wooow…. It is the first thing we have to say about last days. It is really difficult to decide what we should present first… so maybe in chronological order.

After good lunch we packed our backpacks for 4 day adventure in the other valley. We had to walk for only 11 km but it took us nearly 6 hours. Backpacks were full with stuff and really heavy and path… hm… Did you know that in Swedish word track (like animal track) and path could be the same? So we were searching for tracks of people who did hike in that region and we decided that it will be our path. We were also searching for some stone piles that could be the sign that we are on our way… We did a walk across mountain pass, massive snow and rock fields, to our destination point. We were a little nervous because we did not know what to expect, but when we saw it – it was beautiful. The most beautiful glacier we ever met.


After finding a place to set our tents, creating some protection against wind from the higher parts of the valley, tired we quickly fell asleep.


Next day – it was amazing. No clouds, almost no wind, about 20 C degrees… It was so warm that it was difficult to imagine that we are so far north, just few hundred meters from the glacier and few kilometers to the highest top of Swedish mountains… And the weather last for 3 days. We get little sunburnt, we began to search for some shadow, but there were no trees to give us protection…

Luckily, we competed our fieldwork quicker as expected. We had some time to rest… for the first time during our Interact mission we could rest in peace with feeling that everything will be completed on time.


On the last day in the neighborhood of Rabotsglaciären we met some reindeers. They were little shy, but it was nice to see that we are not the only one here (besides one gull, plover and two ravens). Finally, at 4 pm. our helicopter transport arrived. We had a short, but amazing flight back to Tarfala Research Station. Breathtaking views were the last reward for the hard work during last 10 days.

Now we have to pack all the samples, and all our things and get ready for our way back south… We already feel sad about leaving that place, and these glacier forelands… It was so quick and intense time of fieldwork…  Next summarizing report – from civilization – somewhere south from here 🙂


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