The foreland of Storglaciären is under control – Sweden 2019

Our team is really happy to inform you that we are on our heading! Drone is buzzing, spade is digging, pens are writing, reindeers are grazing, researchers are happy!


After four days of intense work we almost finished our fieldwork in the foreland of Storglaciären. And we are working like Elite-Pro specialists. Catching spade in mid-air is just a small example of our skills! 

Weather is quite good here… beautiful mornings, warm midday, and rainy afternoon… our mood is just like weather – happy and fresh in the morning (ready for challenge), serious at noon (still so much to do…) and little more grim in the evening (when our backpacks are full of samples, pain is itching in our backs and knees, and rain is falling down on our heads). How it looks in the field during the lunch break?

Just take a look on that 360 timelapse from one of our plots !

Tarfala Station in which we are accommodated is located in really beautiful place! Amazing views, neighborhood of high mountain tops and view to the highest of Sweden almost from the windows of our bedroom. Distance to the glacier forelands is also one of advantages of that station. 30 minutes walk, and 120 m elevation gain to the front of the glacier forehead is a perfect time and distance! Comparing to some glaciers we visited on Svalbard it seems almost like having glacier at the doorstep.



Next report – after fieldwork in Isfallsglaciären foreland 🙂

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