Revisiting Sisimiut

After a long voyage from Florida to Iceland and then on to Greenland, we’re officially in the field!

Sunny day in Sisimiut!

Before starting our work in Kobbefjord, we took a little detour to Sisimiut, the second largest city in Greenland, where we have been collecting water samples and monitoring stream discharge since 2017. The goal of our trip to Sisimiut this year was to meet with collaborators and to download data from water level loggers, which we left in the streams over winter to capture the pulse of freshwater that gets delivered by streams after the snow and ice thaws (freshet). We’re happy to report that all of our sensors are still “alive” after their second Greenlandic winter and we now have approximately 200,000 new data points to analyze.

While we were there, we couldn’t resist doing a little sightseeing: we visited the dog park where sled dogs spend their summer, strolled through the archaeological ruins of ~500-year-old Inuit settlements, and headed over to the Hotel Sisimiut for a muskox/reindeer burger.

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