Leaving to the North

We spent the whole morning measuring discharge on Arie and Rev rivers. The second one is particularly interesting, flowing out of a large lake, so one would expect rather stable outflow with only minor fluctuations. I am already curious on the data from the level logger at the end of the season! We took last snow samples from the snowfields on the foot of the Skoddefjellet and a water samples from Arie for suspended sediments. Veronika collected last botanic samples for our friend and we met Tomek and Darko (our Polish/Croatian friends) on the way back. There is a strong wind all the day, so working bare hands in the water or collecting tiny leaves is not very comfortable job. We were also quite hungry this time, so we enjoyed the lunch pretty much. The pasta with chicken and mushrooms was delicious!

little auk colony behind the station

The afternoon was quite busy, we repeated the measurements on both rivers and took some additional samples of snow algae. We spent evening in the lab processing the snow and water samples. We had some bread with ham and cheese for dinner and joined the station crew watching the volleyball championship match in TV. I left earlier to finish my work in lab before the night, so I wasn’t supporting Poland till the end. Actually, I am not pretty sure how did it finished and the internet is too slow to search the results… 🙂

small streams running through the wet soils full of mosses

We are leaving to Longyearbyen with Tomek and Marzena tomorrow (Monday) morning. We share the yacht and will spend some 18 hours on the sea. Hopefully the sea will calm down a bit as at the moment there is a strong wind (around 10 m/s) and it could be quite wavy. We have some spare time before our flight, so we planned to visit our colleagues and friends in Petuniabukta (Adam Mickiewicz university station). We did some research work in this area during previous seasons, so it will be good opportunity to check the local glaciers and especially some devices that are supposed to record automatically.

reindeers on the tundra

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