The Hornsund station

Our work is going to be finished soon, we are just preparing all the samples and material for transport. We hope someone from the station will bring our dataloggers back from the field at the end of the season. And here come to the most interesting part of our stay – the station and its crew! The station is rather big, it can accommodate roughly 35 people or more if necessary. There are usually 8-10 persons of the winter crew spending the whole year at the station doing some regular observation – meteorology, glaciology, geomagnetism, ionosphere and others. Then some other mostly technical staff for necessary reparations and improvements during the summer season. And finally visiting researchers…

dGPS measurements on the profile from Fugleberget

There is a comfortable living room, a nice place to gather and discuss, dining room just next to it and a large kitchen with its chef – Oleg. A smaller kitchen with espresso, drinks and some snacks when one is hungry or thirsty during the day, is just next to the large kitchen. One part of the station is dedicated to the winter crew, where each person has its own room. The second part is located on the other side and there are the labs and further also the rooms for guest researchers, each room with 3-4 beds. There is a large storage room behind the kitchen too. Apart the main building, there are two important objects – generator house and warehouse.

Hornsund station with flags of all present crew

The life at the station is very comfortable, at least for us everything works fine. We found lot of nice and helpful people. Most of them speak very well English and we also tried to learn a bit Polish. We hope for another chance to get back here in the future!

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