Wind, weather and waterfalls

Waterfalls doesn’t necessarily mean that water falls. Sometimes it is blown away before it can reach the ground. Thankfully, it only rarely blew all the water into my face…

Some days I spent much more of my time than I would have liked battling the wind. The gusts were strong and my equipment is relatively light. After the first couple of times it blew away across the grass, I devised a system of karabiners and rope to tie all the equipment together, and to my backpack, so that when I reached the stream, river, reservoir or pool I could take measurements and samples without having to chase my equipment across the outfield. It wasn’t even particularly windy by Faroese standards…


From my apartment I had a wonderful view of Nólsoy, sometimes. Some mornings I would wake up, and Nólsoy wasn’t there, but it would usually re-appear before long, thanks to the wind blowing away any fog or sea mist.


The weather during my trip varied from blizzarding blinding snow to sunny and almost warm, but it was never not windy. It’s easy to see why there are so few trees on the islands. Luckily I was prepared for inclement weather, so I was never too cold or too wet, but there were a few moments when I wished it wasn’t so windy!



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