Heading towards the Hornsund station – southern Svalbard

We are heading towards the Polish Polar station in Hornsund, southern Svalbard. Our goal is to set up the runoff measurements in two or three catchments in the vicinity of the station. We would like to compare the runoff from glaciated and unglaciated catchments and establish the relation between runoff, atmospheric forcings and glacier ablation. Apart the water flux we are also interested in sediment budget on the scale of a catchment, so sampling of suspended sediment from the water streams and aeolian samplers installation is planned as well. It will be a similar approach as was used during my stay in Antarctica (see the paper) and the fieldwork from last season in Petuniabukta.

…arriving to Svalbard. This time we are lucky to have nice sunny weather and perfect views

Apart the research staff, we would also like to explore the area, where we have never been before. We work regularly in the central part of Svalbard and this is our first visit of Hornsund. We are planning to work on Arie glacier and river, next to it on Fuglebekken, where our Polish friends and colleagues are working (see for example these two papers 1, 2). And of course, the neighbouring catchment of Revelva looks fantastic at least from the map and aerial photos, so this would be great to include.

first wildlife visitor after our arrival

Apart the science itself, we are very much looking forward to meet new people at the station. The Polish hospitality is almost legendary, so the only difficulty for the welcome drink could be the half day travel on the Horyzont II vessel. Hopefully we will not be sea-sick or will recover soon to send you the news from the North! Fingers crossed, we are about to embark within few hours.


Jan & Veronika


walking around in Longyearbyen


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