Use VA to zhoosh your TA

View nearby Aktru Research Station at Altai Mountains. Photo: Sergey Kirpotin/TSU.

Many of the scientists already know about INTERACT Transnational Access (TA), and how it helps the research on current grand challenges in the arctic regions with significant global relevance and impact.

Among others, VA is offered to the datasets collected from Station Samoylov from Russia, including e.g. different permafrost parameters. Photo: Anne Morgenstern/AWI.

In addition to TA, we also provide another modality of access called Virtual Access (VA), which enables free on-line access to datasets and metadata collected and maintained by the research stations or the institutions that operate them. We currently offer VA to data/metadata/portal from 18 INTERACT partners.

The unique collection of arctic and northern data and metadata, available through our INTERACT VA Single-Entry Point, includes for example climate, phenology and glacier parameters, and population dynamics and species distribution data, with some records spanning over 100 years in time. The geographical coverage of the data extends from the high Arctic and tundra permafrost areas to boreal forests and alpine regions to temperate forests. In the pictures of this post you see some examples of the stations offering INTERACT VA.

Atmospheric data from measurements collected at the Pallas-Sodankylä station in Finland is available via INTERACT VA. Photo by Kari Mäenpää/FMI.

Altogether, Virtual Access provides enormous possibilities for scientists to “zhoosh” or complement the data they have collected themselves for comparative studies and integrated approaches focusing on system science questions at multiple scales.Visit the INTERACT VA Single-Entry Point to use VA to zhoosh your TA, and unleash the potential for your research!






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