9th of August – processing the samples and continuing field-work

Since our boots still were wet from the day before, we decided to start post-processing the samples before lunch. This means, that we had to cut the harvested stems into small stem-disks, applying the so-called serial sectioning technique. The idea of this technique is to sample each one stem-disk at certain distances along the stem, which allows for an appropriate cross-dating of ring-width measurements in case the lower parts of the shrubs would not grow any more (so-called missing outer rings which are often observed for Arctic and alpine shrubs).

In the afternoon, the weather had significantly improved wherefore we decided to continue our field-work. While we had sampled treatment and control shrubs growing on a slope the day before, we now were aiming at treatment shrubs on a little plateau underneath that slope. We managed to sample another twenty shrubs, so that three quarter of the field-work were completed by the end of the day.


Our treatment slope with lush and green willow shrubs. Already from the first visual impression we got that the shrubs growing in close proximity to the springs were taller and featured bigger leaves.

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