7th of August – Inspection of potential field-sites

After slowly getting settled at Artic Station (the scientific research station within the INTERACT network), we started exploring the environment for potential field-sites. Our task was to identify 80 suitable dwarf-shrubs which fulfill specific conditions. That is, the main research question within our proposal relates to homothermic springs, which provide 7-8 °C warm groundwater all year round. Since we were interested in studying the potentially positive impact of elevated ambient temperatures and therefore a prolonged growing season in vicinity to these springs, we were looking for sites where we could find shrubs both growing affected by the springs (treatment) and unaffected (control) in close proximity to each other and with otherwise similar conditions. The weather conditions were however not ideal, wherefore my camera stood inside my back-pack most of the time. We nevertheless were able to identify several potential field-sites, one of which luckily was located in close proximity to Arctic Station, which would make field-work logistical issues much easier. In the evening the rain stopped, which I used for a short walk to the beach.IMG_1649

Arctic Station – the main building is located to the right – with homothermic springs behind the station (light green spots on the slope).


The shore of Qeqertarsuaq – altogether roundabout 750 people are permanently residing in the town.


Two gulls sitting on one of the ice-bergs in the bay of Qeqertarsuaq.





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