Hinternational Hiking

Today the team split up as Mark and Lindsey went on a looong hike to check on the status on the long range in-situ Terrestrial Laser Scanner that overlooks the entire Hintereis glacier. Meanwhile, Josh and Tom faced further photogrammetric surveys and a check on the wind towers to see if they were still vertical (spoiler: they were, hurrah!) and connected to the batteries (spoiler: one was not, booo).


The hike to the TLS involved a brief crossing over the border to Italy after climbing a relatively steep section of ice. P1100926

What a location for a TLS! It has a viewpoint over almost the entire glacier and will be deployed at ~3 day intervals to help us scale up our findings to the entire glacier. There Rudi was on hand to delineate our area of interest and get the scans started. This will be a fantastic resource for the GLARE project!


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