All things come to an end – today two things did. First, it was time for Mark to leave Station Hintereis and return to the UK. Second, all the batteries came to the end of their charge. The latter was a real shame!!!

So, Team GLARE left Hintereis together, armed with a bag full of batteries (light as a feather, ahem) and headed for the Hochjoch Hospitz, a hut just two hours walk/haul downvalley.


Can you guess which room Team GLARE stayed in?

P1100963.JPG   Plans are now afoot for our great hosts to walk a generator up to the Station (!!) and the remaining members of Team GLARE are powered up and ready to continue the surveys!

In our next post to ‘Rough Ice’ we’ll try to demonstrate some of the evolution we’ve observed, and report on the verticality of the towers!




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