Up, up and away

The last few days we have been capturing drone footage in the lower part of the valley that we have been studying. This footage will give us very detailed aerial images of the study area, at a level of detail that we cannot gain from walking around the field site, or from conventional satellite images.

Inside the church in Qeqertarsuaq


On Sunday morning we went to church with Laura, one of the Danish researchers at the base. The service was conducted in Greenlandic, but we had the help of a hymn book to navigate the hymns. The church is a small wooden building, and very pretty inside. It was great to be able to take a look inside and enjoy the service while the snow and wind whirled around outside.

Note taking – and checking our samples are in good shape to send home

In between drone filming, we have also copied up our notes and spent the last few evenings cooking dinner with the other researchers at the station – Laura, Lena, and Anders, and the station manager Regin. Today it was time to pack the crate ready for its return shipment to Britain. The Arctic Line manager at the port is a staunch Arsenal fan. So, knowing that we are from Manchester and Liverpool – both rival teams of Arsenal – means that the crate may never return…

Samples are raring to go. Next stop…the lab!

We are now just about ready to head to Ilulisat on the ferry to begin our journey home. We are looking forward to seeing the Isfjord! It’s been a very fun and productive field season at Arctic Station, and we have met some great researchers. We hope the come back soon to continue the research!

Little crate hitching a ride to the port

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