Because of storm at sea Friday, our boat from Disko Island to Ilulissat was delayed and replaced by a slow boat. Six hours of rocking and shaking on a rough sea took us to the Greenlandic mainland. I got seasick.. Because of the delay, we missed our flight from Ilullisat to Kangerlussuaq, so we needed to stay another day in Ilullisat. We booked a new flight to Ilulissat on Saturday evening.

Saturday, late in the evening, we arrived in Kangerlussuaq. No taxies to be found to bring us to the K.I.S.S. science station. Fortunately, I knew that a friend of mine, Ingeborg, would be at K.I.S.S. for her research on airborne microbes. I called her and she was able to send a car, saving our day.

Today, Sunday the 3th of September, we took some nice peat-cores near Kangerlussuaq. And after a nice hike up hill, we ended up on a meteorological/radio/satellite station which made the scenery look like something you would expect on Mars!




-Fabian Ercan


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