Fingers crossed

We are entering the last few days of our first trip to Finse. We have been really lucky with the weather and have managed to collect benthic cobbles from 14 rivers, for incubation in our respiration experiment.

Diving into action

On returning to Finse in September, we will re-run this process, to detect any seasonal variation within benthic respiration rates along our glacial gradient. We will also be on the look out for our cotton strip assays, deployed to measure cellulose decomposition. They will be left within the rivers until we return and fingers crossed, can find them again. Our hope is that the rivers will not have washed them away in flood or left them exposed during periods of low flow (quite picky). We need a viable sample to have been submerged throughout to represent in-stream decomposition.

On the look out

Thanks to INTERACT funding, our focus over the past week at Finse has been to study how river ecosystem functioning alters along a gradient of glacial influence. To find out more about our work, and that of our research cluster, please visit our website ( and the water@leeds pages ( You can also keep up with us on Twitter (@rbpmleeds, @SoGLeeds, @LeedsYorkDTP, @scfell1).


Blaisen glacier

We thank the Finse Alpine Research Station for making us welcome. See you in September!


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