Day 1 (Let’s start to sample!!)



Claudia&Claudia finally reached Kobbefjord at 9.00 am by a small boat.

Once there they saw the famous millions of mosquitoes (people in Nuuk talked them about it but they could not imagine so many!!).

Mosquitoes’ nets are necessary.20150101_000031A

Some researchers there were in the cabin station and right there Maya (a researcher of Greenland University that works with vegetation and she spend almost all summer in Kobbefjord) showed us the basic rules, instruments and all stuff in there. After their accomodation in the cabin, they talked with other researchers about the surround field sampling and which sites would be suitable for our purpose. Two of them showed to them the surrounding area and some climatic monitoring areas.

After lunch, all the people in the cabin station left Kobbefjord with the 3.00 pm boat and Claudia&Claudia were now alone in Kobbefjord.

They started to do some soil sampling along a vegetation transect called NERO LINE (see the link for other info created by Christian Bay who they met in the morning and showed them the NERO  LINE transect.

nero lineOnce they back in Italy, Claudia&Claudia will analyze how microbial diversity changes according the vegetation and altitude (0 to 109 m asl).


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