Is everything ready?

Claudia&Claudia are ready for leaving GINR at 8.15 am on tomorrow. They will reach Kobbefjord field station by boat and start to sampling.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-23 at 10.05.25

Kobbefjord is a field station between Low and High Arctic and is characterized with different biotopes, providing access to low arctic ecosystems in West Greenland and soil samples will be collected  in different sites, chosen along a latitudinal gradient ranging from dwarf-shrub heaths to grasslands.kobb 2

All info about Kobbefjord field station can be found here:

The next days will be very hard for them, since there is no phone connection, no people to meet and billions of mosquitoes (unbelievable!!!), but they are prepared!!! And as all very good italians, they will cook!!

Finger crossed!!


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