Landing in Nuuk, Greenland

Finally Claudia&Claudia landed with this amazing view in Nuuk from Rome with 2-stops (Munich and Reykjavik) and reached the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources. Wheater is quite okay (10°C) a little warmer than their own Italy (40°C).


After check-in in GINR, they rested a little and started to arrange the expedition in Kobbefjiord field station with Katrine Raundrup.


Why Greenland?

“Greenland: the country set to cash in on climate change” (The Guardian)

“Climate change: Losing Greenland…Is the Arctic’s biggest ice sheet in irreversible meltdown? And would we know if it were?” (Nature)

When people talk about catastrophic climate change, there’s a fair chance that Greenland is on their mind. One-twentieth of the world’s ice is locked up atop this island, and if it were to melt completely, global sea levels would rise by seven meters. The collapse of the Greenland ice sheet is in the front rank of potential climate catastrophes.

Melting is already undoubtedly and dramatically underway. Over the past four summers, Greenland has shed an average of between 380 billion tons and 490 billion tons of ice each year — on average 150 billion tons more than it gains in snow in winter.

Okay, the first day in Greenland is gone, sun is still shining and just to go deeply in this theme, they will watch TITANIC tonight.

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