Final preparations for the field season

This summer team of the project entitled:  “Growth-ring record of modern extreme weather phenomena in the Low Arctic (REACT)” will be conducting dendroclimatological research in two locations: Iceland (July) and Canada (late July- early August), where they will study how modern climate changes affect the terrestrial ecosystems. The REACT team will investigate how shrubs and dwarf shrubs, growing in the maritime or more continental subarctic and arctic climate zones, react on extreme weather phenomena. They will look for signs of rain-on-snow and other extreme climatic events in the growth-ring records of the Arctic plants.

Tomorrow we will travel from Katowice to Wroclaw to pick up Krzysztof Migala on our way to the airport where we will have plane to Reykjavik. On July 5th we will start first step of our research in 2017 – visit at the Rif Field Station in Iceland (, where we will be collecting samples of shrubs and dwarf shrubs for dendroclimatological investigation of extreme events.

mapa do bloga_ok

Everything is prepared for sampling: pruning shears, borers, knives, string and plastic bags. We are ready for the exciting research in the northern Iceland!


REACT TEAM: Magdalena Opala-Owczarek (University of Silesia), Piotr Owczarek (University of Wroclaw), Krzysztof Migala (University of Wroclaw)

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