After the Midsummer

It’s hard to believe, but we are already past the Midsummer! Before the Midsummer time always seems to go so fast, then suddenly pause for the Midsummer, and then extend for the rest of the summer in July and August. Perhaps it’s because of all the anticipation us Finns have for summer after the long and dark winter; the much awaited and precious white nights, warmth and green of the summer seem always to go past us too fast. This feeling has been especially strong this summer. First of all because the summer arrived so late –it was still snowing and no leaves on the trees here in Oulu on the first week of June! Secondly, because the summer -once it arrived- has been so cold. We’ve had only couple days with temperature above 20 degrees; mostly it has been well below that and raining. The only good consequence that I’ve figured out from this miserable summer weather has been that there are still not mosquitoes around –it has been too cold for even them to develop!

Well, we celebrated the Midsummer anyways, because that’s the tradition, and after all it was a very nice occasion. Like most other Finns, we went to the summer cabin to meet relatives, and to enjoy barbecue food and smoked fish, and to have sauna by the lake. In addition, we went for a little hike to visit the Hepoköngäs waterfall, from where the following photos were taken.























The waterfall is located in a nature conservation area in the municipality of Puolanka in the Kainuu region in eastern Finland. The height of the waterfall is 18 m, which makes it one of the highest in Finland. The place was really beautiful and peaceful, surrounded by old forest.

Many people already started their summer holidays from the Midsummer, but after the visit to the summer cabin and to the waterfalls, it feels like I have renewed my energies for the next weeks, before starting my holidays later in July for another trip to Eastern Finland! More about that in the next post!





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