It was a great journey …

The short, dark days have arrived here to Oulu now that we are approaching the winter solstice. To even emphasize the general gloominess, we have no snow at the moment, and White Christmas still feels very much like a faraway dream. Therefore, last week’s trip to Hvalsø in Denmark to the INTERACT Final Consortium Meeting was a very welcome and cheering up one. We got to meet again all the wonderful people –friends- that we have made during the past four years of the project, and we even got so enjoy a glimpse of sunlight, as the photos below are proving!

Hvalso_cropped_2014 Kirsi_Hannele_cropped

Despite of the name “Final Consortium Meeting”, the gathering did not mark an end to our collaboration, but rather a wrap up of our current funding period of 2011-2014 and an acknowledgement of the things we have achieved together so far. It has been a great journey and I’ll cherish the experiences and memories from the past four years for the years to come.

The INTERACT network and the strong collaboration between the research stations in it will definitely continue to flourish and grow, and hopefully we will also get good news regarding our application to Horizon 2020 to develop transnational access further, along with many other activities and new innovations.

During the past weeks, we have been warmly surprised by the numerous e-mails from researchers all over the Europe, thanking for the support provided by INTERACT Transnational Access, and hoping for the activity to continue soon in the future. Many thanks for your encouragement and positive feedback, it means a lot to us!

All the best for the approaching Christmas time to all of you, and many thanks for the past year – it has been wonderful! Until the next time! -Hannele

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