Roundtrip to Kilpisjärvi

Last weekend we traveled to Kilpisjärvi Biological Station in Finnish Lapland to attend the station’s 50-years anniversary symposium. The symposium consisted of speeches and presentations highlighting the history and current activities of the station. The station and its excellent facilities have played a crucial role for many studies. The Kilpisjärvi Biological Station is also a highly valued member of the INTERACT station network, and one of the most popular stations for Transnational Access. It is clear that the station’s scientific impact continues to increase in the future. Many congratulations to Kilpisjärvi Station 50 years!
On Saturday morning before the symposium we also had a possibility for a short hike towards the Saana fjell, along a nature path starting nearby the station. The area around the station is extremely beautiful, Lake Kilpisjärvi surrounding it from one side and Malla and Saana fjells from the other, as the following photos are hopefully able to demonstrate.The first photo pictures Malla fjell, taken by Lake Kilpisjärvi, and the next two are taken from the nature path towards Lake Kilpisjärvi and Malla fjell.

WP_20140926_001 WP_20140927_006 WP_20140927_008
Back at the offices, the week has gone by mostly by wrapping up the past summer field season. Many of the project reports have now been returned, and my next job will be updating those to the access database and compiling the numbers for our final consortium meeting.

Until the next time!

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