Venetians and floating saunas

Hello again! Last week we finalized our application to Horizon 2020 to continue and build on the work conducted during the current phase of INTERACT with support from EU FP7. Now the feeling is somewhat empty, like it very often is after a long and intensive work period –we started to prepare for the application already last year! At the same time, the feeling is rewarding, because I felt we managed to make an excellent plan and innovations for the years to come.
The previous weekend marked a farewell to the summer in the form of so-called “Venetians”. Here in Finland (especially on the west coast), the Venetians tradition takes place on the last weekend of August, when it’s time to say goodbye to the summer-long cabin and boating season and welcome the autumn and dark nights by candles, lanters and fireworks. The weather was excellent for the whole weekend -sunny, clear and crisp- so we went canoeing on the river Oulu with a friend of mine. Amazing sceneries, and from a totally different viewpoint compared to the regular views during my runs along the riverside. After getting our arms sore by canoeing, we went to unwind and relax to the fabulous innovation which started up this summer –a floating sauna that has been warming up daily by the Tuira beach, run by volunteers sharing a love for the Finnish sauna culture. This will be the second last week of operation for this “Summer’s Sauna”, but hopefully we get to enjoy this fantastic experience again next summer. You can learn more about the place from a recent article in the local newspaper (unfortunately in Finnish only). Remember the place if you visit Oulu next summer, it’s a must!

Summer sauna_2

Summer’s Sauna by the Tuira beach in Oulu.

This week has passed by updating the project descriptions on the website and preparing a presentation about reindeer reproductive physiology to the ESDAR conference held in Helsinki next week. In addition, I have been writing several short articles and news items about INTERACT to newsletters and websites: so much is happening this time of the year that it feels really easy and fun to write, and writing is definitely something I enjoy very much!

Until the next time!

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