Into thin air

The days since the last post have been busy (as usual, but not business as usual). On Monday we had a little party, as it was the last evening of the expedition for the majority of the participants, as well as my birthday. Thanks again to Julia, Biggi and Antje for all the preparations and the organization!

Yesterday we set up two new soil moisture stations in the South of Kurugnakh: they are in immediate vicinity of one another. One is located on the rim (i.e. the more elevated, exterior part) of a polygon, the other one in a more depressed and moist zone. The rationale behind this arrangement is that this enables us to get an idea about the variablity of the moss moisture, as well as its temporal dynamics, within one polygon. These spatial differences of the moisture have an impact on the measurements that satellite-borne radar sensors make. The nature of this impact (e.g. the magnitude) depends on the type of sensor used (an important factor being e.g. the spatial resolution). The in-situ moss data recorded by our stations are intended to help us to improve our understanding of these influences, and thus also the interpretation of the satellite data and the products derived from them.

Today we had to move quite a bit of equipment from one island to another one; this is hard work, as you can see here:




my first selfie, with Matthias

my first selfie, with Matthias

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