Soil moisture measurements, polygons and more

On Monday and Wednesday Birgit, Annett and I attended to several soil/moss moisture stations in Kurugnakh: we checked the local conditions as well as the state of the instruments. We had to remove one of them, or rather its remains, as the lemmings had apparently taken a liking to its cables. We also measured moisture with a hand-held probe along several transects. All of these data are required for understanding, assessing and improving satellite-derived soil moisture products over high-latitude regions.

Annett attending to one of the stations

Annett attending to one of the stations

On Tuesday we stayed on Samoylov: I took dozens of pictures of an ice wedge polygon. The aim of this work will be to derive the microtopography of such polygons and, by combining data from different dates, to detect and quantify changes. The first results seem promising, so I shall be taking quite a few more pictures in the weeks to come. I also joined Julia and Steffen to measure water depths in a pond and we took samples of dwarf birches. This gave me the opportunity to become more familiar with the island, and even intimate with the (presumably) only larch tree:

Simon has found a friend: the larch on Samoylov. Picture by Julia Boike.

Simon has found a friend: the larch on Samoylov. Picture by Julia Boike.

Tonight, we have all been looking for naked women. Rest assured that we have done so assiduously, but, alas, we have not found any so far. All we know is that they are supposed to be – according to an email I received a few hours ago – in this very same blog, in adverts at the bottom of the page. We will keep you posted!


One thought on “Soil moisture measurements, polygons and more

  1. Mischa

    Uuuuh yeah, finally another blog to read for us…..

    Looks like everything’s fine, happy birthday again and I can’t wait to see some party pics tomorrow 🙂

    BR from Cherbourg, Jaqueline&Mischa

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